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GB1EMC – Eaton Manor Classics – 21/05/2017

Join us today at Eaton Manor as they once again work to raise as much funds as they can for the Macmillan Cancer Support charity.  We will be operating the special event callsign from 10am through to the late afternoon, and will be setting up a single station with the ability to work using almost all bands from 10m – 80m.  Give us a shout, or even better come along to work with us, and also to help raise the much needed funds for this very worthwhile cause.  Any of your family who have been touched by the terrible illness will realise just what a wonderful job it is that they do.


See the Eaton Manor website for full details

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GB3TF finally linked via Fusion (C4FM) to the Internet: 1st December 2016 

It is now operational. . . . 

The Repeater at LWVH is there for all to access. Just to clarify one important point: you don’t have to have a Fusion (C4FM) rig to access worldwide stations, as it also works with an ordinary FM transceiver, albeit with a few less ‘bells and whistles’ – so long as the FM rig can transmit DTMF tones. The list of stations available (there are hundreds) can be found on the Yaesu Wires-X website. It takes a bit of getting used to, but essentially you access GB3TF with the usual ctcss of 103.5Hz, then transmit the hash (#) key tone plus five unique DTMF tones. These stations, nodes and repeaters are listed on the Wires-X website. A series of ‘dashes’ signify you have made the link, and then you can call “listening through…” or whatever. After completing a QSO (or getting no reply!), after several minutes, the link will automatically end by sending a series of ‘dits’. It’s probably good practice to disconnect yourself with the DTMF command ‘#99999’ once you have finished with the link if no one else wishes to continue. Remember also to leave 3-4 seconds between ‘overs’ for the various servers to switch.

Above all, we recommend that you consult the Yaesu Fusion and/or Wires-X websites to learn how the system works!

73 Martyn ‘UKV

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