2017 Telford Hamfest speakers schedule

Sunday Sept 3 is also a chance to hear from 3 speakers at the Hamfest event:
at 11:15 am  Dave Pick G3YXM. “21 years of LF: a potted history of UK Low Frequency operation.
at 12:15 pm Dom Baines M1KTAQRP and making antennas when in DX
at 13:15 pm  Paul Darlington M0XPDThe Little Rigs that Could

We asked Paul to expand on the title of his talk and he said… “FYI, I’m going to talk of practical things; adding functionality to the simplest QRP rigs with simple ‘bolt-ons’, covering everything from keyers through automated CQ calls through digital RF synthesisers through digi-modes. The talk will be called ‘The Little Rigs that Could’. ” Paul M0XPD”