Morse Training

Morse Training – January 2014

Hi all,

If you are interested in joining our Morse tuition group please email me with your name and call sign.

There are two groups, ”New starters” and “Experienced”.

This course will be supported by email documentation, you will receive details of each lesson beforehand, that way, should you miss a session, just refer to your emailed notes. I hope you will take this opportunity to join us, it doesn’t matter if you know some Morse or no Morse at all, we cater for all needs. Our Morse tuition evenings are often tongue in cheek and fun at the same time.

We hope to meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings on 144.600 MHz, you will each be sent self teach lessons in between, so that when you come on the air, you will be able to hit the road running.

Please let me know soonest, by email, as above. hpe cu sn, (hope see you soon) 73,

Eric M0KZB es Paul M0PNN



Morse Links


The Morse Crusade

Some useful information about Koch’s method and Farnsworth timing.


Morse Learning Software

Here are some free-to-download programs to help you learn morse code.

Just Learn Morse Code

CW Trainer by G4FON

A Fully Automatic Morse Code Teaching Machine

Lists of other software: