For Sale

Updated 17/08/2018

Items for sale from G0EIY


Yaesu MD100 desk microphone, as new,

boxed with instructions and windsock                                                       £80-00 ono


2m 5 element collapsible Yagi antenna, gain > 8dbd

Boom length is about 1.8 m in three sections

Elements are spring loaded like a frame tent and fold

Back onto the boom section. Heavy duty but will fit in a

Large carrier bag when folded and can be set up within minutes            £30-00 ono


Microwave Modules 23cm to 2m transverter

with pre-amp, 2W transmitter output                                                       £80-00 ono


10/11/12m reversable folded beam antenna. Can be set up as a

Moxon for 10/11m, or as a 2 element with one director for 12m

by putting the feed in the longer side                                                      £80-00 ono


Altai rotator controller 3 wire                                                                   £25-00 ono


4m to 10m transverter from Ukraine with 10 Watt linear

All in one with attenuator and controls all set to plug in and run

With an FT817 on minimum power setting                                             £40-00 ono


Simon, G0EIY, QTHR, 07801349757




Selling on behalf of George 2E0ZGS.  Please contact Malcolm 2E1DYL for details.  07414-634777

Yaesu FT-101ZD—————————–£200

Yaesu FL2100Z 800w amplifier———–£200

Microwave Modules amplifier 144/100–£  90

Yaesu FT-8100 2/70 mobile rig————£80

Yaesu FT2100RH 2/70 rig——————-£40

BHI NEIM 1031 mkII————————–£90

1:1 Balun—————————————-£30

External Speaker KPO??——————–£20

Nissei Desk Mic SJCD308 8 pin Yaesu–£25

Watson 25A power supply W25AM——-£60

Manson Power supply EP925————–£70

2m 5 element Yagi—————————-£40

2m 7 element Yagi—————————-£40

MFJ 945E manual tuner———————£70

FT-897 + tuner + external meter———-£450

Superstar 2000 10m/11m rig—————£100




If you have anything to sell please email details to