For Sale

Updated 17/08/2018

Items for sale from G0EIY



Microwave Modules 23cm/2m transverter

with pre-amp and circuit diagrams                                                                                                            £80-00


25 element 23cm quad loop yagi antenna                                                                                             £25-00


Mutek 2m mast head pre amp with all connectors, fittings and instructions                          £70-00


10/11/12m folded beam antenna can be set up as a Moxon on 10/11

or as a 2 element beam with one director

by putting the feed in the long leg for 12m                                                                                            £50-00


Or near offer on all


Simon, G0EIY, QTHR, 07801349757




Selling on behalf of George 2E0ZGS.  Please contact Malcolm 2E1DYL for details.  07414-634777

Yaesu FT-101ZD—————————–£200

Yaesu FL2100Z 800w amplifier———–£200

Microwave Modules amplifier 144/100–£  90

Yaesu FT-8100 2/70 mobile rig————£80

Yaesu FT2100RH 2/70 rig——————-£40

BHI NEIM 1031 mkII————————–£90

1:1 Balun—————————————-£30

External Speaker KPO??——————–£20

Nissei Desk Mic SJCD308 8 pin Yaesu–£25

Watson 25A power supply W25AM——-£60

Manson Power supply EP925————–£70

2m 5 element Yagi—————————-£40

2m 7 element Yagi—————————-£40

MFJ 945E manual tuner———————£70

FT-897 + tuner + external meter———-£450

Superstar 2000 10m/11m rig—————£100




If you have anything to sell please email details to