Heather M0HMO

I am a retired Embedded Software Engineer, specialising in Linux audio and memory systems for mobile phones and dongles but with a big part of my professional career being in automotive electronics and software.

My Sierra XR4x4

My Sierra XR4x4

Paul and Lagonda Rapier

My Partner Paul, G8AQA with our 1934 Lagonda Rapier Eagle

My interest in amateur radio started in 2012 but I hadn’t got very far until 2015 when I retired and found the time to begin properly studying the radio world along with my other hobbies of Photography, Bird Watching, Astronomy and Car Restoration and Hillclimibing.

I don’t really like operating (there I said it!). My interests are mainly in the design of the electronics and software to make RF devices of all types.

At the moment I am designing hardware and software in the following areas:

  • Accurate clocks (NTP, GPS etc)

    Prototype NTP Clock

    My Prototype NTP Clock

  • Accurate Frequency generation (DDS, PLLS, doublers etc.)
  • GPSDOs


    Receiving POCSAG on the RTL-SDR

  • GNURadio
  • Hydrogen Line radio astronomy (Very low noise pre-amps)
  • OuterNet
  • RF Power metering
  • Digitally controlled Attenutator
  • 2.5GHz VNA
  • Audio DSP processing
  • 17KHz SAQ reception
  • 60KHz Rugby Time signal Reception
  • High Altitude Ballooning

    A LoRa to WiFi Gateway

    A LoRa to WiFi Gateway for Balloon Data Reception

  • Low Cost TDR
  • PCB Reflow Oven
  • Maidenhead Locators


I am also interested in most things embedded and have written a lot of sensor drivers for Raspberry PI (all versions), Banana PI, Odriod, XMOS startkit, PICs, ESP8266 and Arduino. I play an active role in the Shropshire Linux Users Group (SLUG). and keep my own website active where I publish things I think may be of interest.

Over the past year I have branched out from embedded software and have begun writing software for FPGAs, CUDA GPUs, Windows PCs, Linux PCs and even the IBM Quantum experience.

I have no idea where it is all going, but at the moment I am just along for the ride!