Dave G0CER

Photo of a SCAM radio mast with 50mhz aerial on top between two houses

My SCAM mast with a 50mhz and 70cm beam at about 9m

Loc. IO82RV nr Market Drayton, England.

Mainly HF SSB/RTTY, contests always  learning. Enjoy digimodes, mainly rtty and psk recently MS & JT65. I regularly upload eQSLs and LOTW rarely.

Operate in contests especially the RSGB UKAC, IOTA also WPX and other global contests.


  • [2019] Renewed G0C – its good but some others argue about whether I’m telling them the whole call.
  • [2016] Received short contest callsign G0C for use in certain contests.
  • [2015] World 4th in IOTA in fixed/LP/unnasist/24H/SSB http://www.iotacontest.com/contest/iota/2015/finalScore.php?c1=if&c2=su&c3=s&c4=2&c5=l
  • [2015] Busy with UK v/uhf activity evenings UKAC
  • [2013] QRV as KJ4QAO call in FL visiting relations (Dec)
  • [2011] Now member UK Six meter group
  • [2010] Upgraded US licence to ‘Extra’ class same call.
  • [2009] Home LOC QSY IO82SP > IO82RV
  • [2009] Passed ‘General’ Class US licence – now have KJ4QAO
  • [2009] QRV as GM0CER from holiday qth on Orkney EU-009
  • [2007/8] QRV In Windermere Florida operated as W4/G0CER
  • [Yearly] QRV GW0CER from family holiday QTH
  • [ 2005] Operated as 9H3DH on Malta.


  • http://www.eQSL.cc/Member.cfm?G0CER
  • http://g0cer.blogspot.com

Enthusiast for E-QSLs and card cards.

Apologies if your waiting for a card from me, email if needed quickly.

I had a problem with my Kenwood TM-G707 and uploaded this video to Youtube – the problem is sorted now thanks to others who helped me. Here is the video

Here is a PDF of information about the Maidenhead locator system – its a small download. Follow this link

73s Dave