Club Winter Projects

Winter 2016-17. These projects have been chosen by Members:-

1) SMD Component Practice PCB board, with ~60 components.  Cost £1 approx.
2) Updated variable PSU with display. Cost £12 approx.
3) Baluns – various types 1:1, 4:1,  9:1 . Proven designs upto legal limit power handling. Cost depending on spec. £12-£22.
4) Loading coil for HF bands vertical antenna (eg SOTA pole). Uses croc. clip to select band. Cost <£5. Make at 11 January build session at club.
5) Light Comms. Tcvr, using red light LED. “Borrow” previous equipment from previous owners, or build from scratch. Cost £15 approx.
6) 2 metre Moxon antenna (2 ele. M0JZH design). Cost minimal, but supply 2 non-conducting cross pieces for frame (bamboo, dowel). Build TDARS January 11th.! At least 6 builders identified.
7) Oscilloscope Project. Full colour, portable LF scope. Cost £30 approx. (see M0PLA).
8) Mini PA (see M6JAX mail ??) ~70W for a few watts I/P.  Cost £30 approx.
9) GSM Modem board kit (at 900 and 1800 MHz). Cost £2.25 approx.