Beginners Microwave 2007 event

Telford and District Amateur Radio Society is pleased to announce a
“Beginners Microwave Workshop”
in conjunction with the UK Microwave Group.

Saturday 3rd March 2007 in Telford.

Had a great Microwave Beginners’ Workshop on Saturday 3rd March. There were 27 attendees, plus the Telford Club crew doing the welcome, the catering and the furniture moving.  Having several rooms and plenty of chairs was very useful from the organisers’ point of view. Each of the 4 main presentations took quite a long time to assemble and disassemble afterwards, but as it was a very full day, it meant there was no lost time as one speaker followed the next. I suspect the visitors also appreciated stretching their legs between presentations, especially as two of the rooms were upstairs, and they passed the coffee bar each time en route. Mike, Richard, Don and others did stirling work there.

The introductory session (given by Martyn G3UKV) turned out to be longer than planned, but the audience remained attentive throughout. It gave a broad overall perspective about microwave activities from 1296 MHz to 75GHz. This was followed by Dave’s G8VZT talk and demo of amateur TV on 10GHz, and already one or two guys are planning cross-town ATV. After lunch, Mike G3PFR gave some valuable tips about obtaining useful parts for our bands, and had me drooling over a directional coupler covering 1 to 12 GHz for which he had paid the grand sum of £2 at a junk sale! Richard G8JVM gave the last presentation covering conversion of ex-commercial gear, focusing on the 6 and 9cm bands. He had some terrific tips about things like snow-flaking and removing static-sensitice devices from PCBs. The last half hour was a Q/A session, and 4:30pm soon came and the final clear-up took place.

Thanks to the Sheffield CD, and some other material that came via Peter G3PHO, the PowerPoint framework was very useful indeed, and each visitor took away plenty of paperwork, plus a CD only finished the previous night.  Additions to the original excellent Sheffield CD included the 1986 Dubus and follow-up scaled designs for dual band horns (covering 23/13, 13/9, 9/6 and 6/3 cm), the G8MWR ‘Microwave Society 10 GHz DataPack’ ( WBFM & ATV), the G3JVL  Loop Yagi dimensions (for 23, 13, 9 and 6 cm) and the G3UKV and G3PFR presentations, plus further input on antennas and much more provided by G3PHO.Some of this will be added to the Telford & DARS Website ( in due course, and perhaps to Peter’s website too? Historic items, such as the G8MWR, G3JVL and Dubus/G4FUF articles are well worth preserving for reference purposes.

One happy person from Cheshire went away with a 7 watt 10GHz TWT, which was donated by Dave G8VZT. All those visitors who joined the UK uWave group on the day, and there were 13 new subscribers, had their application forms placed in a motor cycle helmet at the end of the day, and Mike G3PFR pulled out the lucky winner.

Thanks to everyone who attended and helped with the organisation, and especially Richard M1RKH who handled the overall logistics for the day, Derek G0EYX and his wife Anne who prepared the excellent plated lunch, plus Dave G8VZT, Richard G8JVM and Mike G3PFR for their presentations. Not forgetting Peter G3PHO for his advice, and I believe the inventor of the Beginners’ Microwave Workshop concept in about 2004! 

de Martyn G3UKV.